A range of services to fit your needs

From the first session, individuals are relied upon for information concerning their development, behavior and are closely consulted regarding goals for treatment. Clients are viewed as partners in the treatment process. Your specific needs will be assessed and a treatment plan will be developed to identify therapeutic goals that will assist you in making proactive changes. The frequency of sessions will be based on the severity of presenting problems.

Children’s Services

  • Depression and anxiety management
  • Issues related to parental separation or divorce
  • Skills based therapy for ADHD and Autism spectrum
  • Play Therapy
  • Behavioral Management strategies
  • Tools for parenting
  • Social skills groups

Adolescent Services

  • Depression and anxiety management
  • Academic underachievement
  • Coaching preparation for college
  • Tools for parenting
  • Skills based therapy for ADHD and Autism spectrum

Adult Services

  • Depression and anxiety management
  • Job dissatisfaction or vocational guidance
  • Life coaching
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Pre-marital & couples counseling
  • Skills based therapy for ADHD and Autism spectrum
  • Managing life stressors
  • Anger management
  • Medical concerns

Psychological & Educational Testing


We provide psychological and educational testing services for individuals from birth through adulthood. Assessment is often helpful to identify strength or deficit areas, clarify a diagnosis and inform treatment goals for psychotherapy. It also may prove helpful for parents or other advocates who are seeking a “second opinion” regarding a diagnosis or other classification.

Learning Disorders and Attention Difficulties

For individuals six and older, we provide comprehensive evaluations of learning disorders (reading, math, written language) and attention disorders.

College Disability Accommodation Evaluations

We provide evaluations useful to identify areas of strength and deficit for the college student who may qualify for accommodations in the classroom.

Private School and Gifted Program Admissions

For children between the ages of four and sixteen we provide admissions and appeals testing in compliance with local private and public school requirements. We use the Wechsler Intelligence Tests, and Wechsler Individual Achievement Tests.

Psychological Diagnostic Assessments

Assessment for children and adults geared towards diagnostic classification and treatment planning. Assessment tools may include IQ (potential), achievement (what has been learned), personality, adaptive functioning and behavioral measures.


Appointments for psychological assessment are usually made within 14 business days. The testing typically takes place over several hours, usually in 2-4 appointments. Written interpretive reports are usually available within 4 weeks of the final date of assessment. A feedback session is scheduled at that time, during which the evaluation is reviewed in detail and significant findings explained. Fees vary based on the referral question and subsequent number of psychological tests administered, scored, and interpreted. It is recommended you verify your insurance coverage prior to your first visit. Insurance companies may cover some of the assessment but may need a prior authorization before testing begins. You are responsible for any fees your insurance does not cover.